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The Logar Tourist Farm is a perfect place for everyone who needs some time to relax and enjoy themselves, for keen explorers, adventurers, young families, travellers with campers, and transient guests, who want to explore secret places, spend their free days outdoors engaging in a range of exciting activities, and enjoy delicious meals typical for the Notranjska region. We prepare tasty meals for vegetarians too. In other words, the rural idyll with style.

Organic farming

We are committed to protecting the nature and offer only organically grown foods, just like in the good old days. Our farm is a certified organic farm since 1998 and offers great amounts of fruit. In autumn, you can visit our farm and get fruit for the winter. Our orchard includes mostly old varieties of pears, apples and plums.



Delicious fruit products



We make marmalade using an old method so that the fruit keep as many vitamins as possible. Our apple vinegar and apple cider are also prepared following old recipes and therefore have a very rich taste.


Asparagus (May and the beginning of June) is a rare vegetable available in our organic offer. At our farm, we grow them by hand and therefore they have a delicious taste and attract many gourmets every year.





Our menus surprise every guest because our chef attaches most importance to the diversity and quality of meals. Our offer includes dishes typical for the Notranjska region. Vegetarians are also taken care of with a wide range of non-meat dishes. What is more, the chef bakes delicious home-made bread every day!


We rent eight bicycles and two baby seats. If you stay with us for several days, you receive a cycling voucher for free.





Stop for campers

We offer stops for five campers without power and water supply; a surcharge for the use of electricity and water.

Horse riding

You can ride horses at the nearby Kandare farm. We invite you to watch their presentation.