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Mount Slivnica (1,114 m), which is 11 km away, offers a beautiful view over the surrounding area of the town Cerknica and Lake Cerknica. You can also climb Mountain of the Cross (Sln. Križna gora), where the trail will lead you along the Stations of the Cross, or Mount Snežnik (1,796 m). The Rakov Škocjan Regional Park is only 13 km away and offers intact nature to hikers, just like Lake Cerknica.


With its height of 1,796 m, Snežnik is the highest peak far and wide and offers a beautiful view over a large part of Slovenia and the neighbouring country of Croatia. On the Slovenian side, you can admire extensive forests of the Notranjska region as well as the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanks.




Here you can enjoy a magnificent view over the Cerknica Plain, whose appearance changes all the time depending on the water level and rainfall.

Lake Cerknica

Lake Cerknica is part of the Notranjska Regional Part; here you can admire many different species of birds, go hiking or cycle around the intermittent lake (about 25 km), which changes its appearance every day. In the village of Dolenje Jezero, you can see a model of Lake Cerknica.




Rakov Škocjan

Here you can admire the Large and the Little Natural Bridges, the ruins of the church of St Cantianius, karst springs, rich flora and fauna. You can also take a walk along the nature trail.

Snežnik Castle with its surroundings

After the renovation in 2008, the romantic Snežnik Castle in the Notranjska region is the only castle in Slovenia with preserved authentic interiors. The castle is surrounded by beautiful nature, where you can stroll and enjoy birdsong.




Cross Cave (Sln. Križna jama)

You can visit the cave of worldwide reputation for its unique beauties. Here you can discover the skeleton of a cave bear and beautiful lakes.

Bloke and Lake Volčje

The town of Bloke is the cradle of skiing in Central Europe and offers a great hiking or cycling experience. In summer, you can relax while swimming in Lake Volčje.




Postojna Cave

You can admire fantastic complex of tunnels, galleries and halls, a breathtaking variety of karst phenomena by an underground train or on foot.

Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is partly built into a 12 3m high rock wall. The original castle was known as the home of the legendary rebellious knight Erasmus.